Exploras is a travel tech startup (still in stealth mode) with big ambitions to revolutionize the way both the tourism industry and travelers plan, book and explore nature-based experiences with Norway as a starting point.

The Team

Linnéa Holbeck / business

Ana Vizcarrondo / product

Ali Akhtarzada / tech

Board Members

Martin Hauge


Sindre Glasø

Head of Product at Blockbonds AS

Gül Heper

Business Design Principal at BBH Stockholm

Simona Trombetta

EVP Strategy and Business Development at Bertel O. Steen AS

Eirik Stavelin

Sr Data Scientist at Making Waves

Our Investors

Haflo AB

Norwegian Experience AS

Rugl AS

Odin Eiendom AS

Lilland Eiendom AS

Auto Holding AS

Nebuchadnezzar Invest AS

Prancing Dragon AS

Digital Disrupt AS